Disciplinary Event for {name} Template

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When an employee has been behaving aggressive, underperforming, or simply showing signs of not being a good fit, it's a good idea to document any findings in case it is necessary to initiate disciplinary measures. For everyone's sake, it's ideal to remain objective and stick to the facts, and this template helps with that.

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Disciplinary Event for {name} for Priority Matrix

Disciplinary Event for {name} in Priority Matrix

Use this template to document and follow-up on disciplinary events.

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Proposed Tasks


  • Allegation:
  • Date:
  • Name:
  • Plant:
  • Role:


  • Precedence
  • Witness Account:
  • Witness Account:
  • Witness Account:
  • Witness Account:
  • Witness Account:
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1-1 Meeting

  • File
  • Intro
  • Statement

Closing Decisions

  • Discipline
  • Update File
  • Update file with anyone else